Design Kube provides a suite of marketing and design services. We work one-on-one with businesses to solidify and grow their brand presence while further improving their bottom line


We work with businesses to establish, solidify and /or grow their brand presence.

● Brand Development
● Name Search
● Visual Identity


Even in a digital world there still exists an opportunity to connect physically with your audience.

● Corporate Stationary
● Business Cards
● Marketing Prints
● Poster Prints
● Banner Prints
● …more


From basic packaging to complex hardware and software designs, Design Kube can translate your brand into and a physical experience.

● Packaging
● Labels
● Die Casts
● Interface Design


Design Kube can bring your online presence to life.  From online architecture, to content development, to e-commerce, to mobile applications, we can help your company harness the power of the web.

● Web Architecture
● Website Design
● Custom CMS
● WordPress
● CRM Integration
● Search Engine Optimization

Multichannel Marketing

Design Kube’s industry expertise and diverse partnerships allow us to create execute a comprehensive and multichannel marketing initiative at any budget.

● Search Engine Optimization
● Print Marketing
● Web Advertising (PPC)
● Video Marketing
● TV & Infomercial


The job is never done.  From technical support, to design support, to marketing support, our team is always within reach.

● Server Support
● Email Support
● Marketing Support
● Peripheral Integration

Creative Process

Brand → Strategize → Design → Execute → Market → Feedback → Modify

Success starts with an effective strategy

Design Kube works with each client to understand their story and their goals.  By getting a global perspective of their context and their vision, DK can begin to devise an effective brand strategy.

Only with a defined strategy can a brand full express its story and hope to garner customer buy-in.

Action is key.

Once a strategy is in place, the key is to put it into action in an effective manner.  Design Kube has the tools, the resources, the talent, and the experience to bring your brand to market.

Across a variety of marketing channels, Design Kube disseminates your brand message to your market

Execution is an iterative process

Having a strategy and ultimate deliverable in play is not the end game.  Action, transaction, and conversions (in most cases) are the end game.  As a result, an effective system in place that continues to analyze and provide performance metrics are just as necessary in any marketing plan.


Design Kube works with clients after the fact to ensure that goals are being met and/or strategy and design adjustments are being made.  Our goal is not simply production, but to ensure performance.